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The Vibrolators

Those Wild West Coast Hipsters Of The Blues, The Vibrolators are back with their 20th Anniversary Tour with special appearances by the wonderful Miss Peta Lee and Ali Penny, and the first gig is right where it started at the Perth Blues Club back in 1997.

Throughout the last two decades the band has taken their quirky 1950s flavoured Blues and RnB to all corners of the country, and become one of Australia's best loved blues bands appearing at scores of National Blues Festivals, and gigs in all major cities.

With their trademark Baritone Saxophone, Upright & Electric Basses, Archtop Guitar, Drums and Vocals, the band is yet again ready to take you for an exhilarating roller-coaster ride of all things blue.

If seriously swinging grooves and sultry, sassy RnB vocals floats your boat, you are on the right track with the Vibrolators featuring Miss Peta Lee and Alison Penny (NSW).  You can also expect a few more guests appearing  as the night goes on. 

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