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2. Definitions

2.1 In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears annual general meeting is the meeting convened under paragraph (b) of rule 16 (1);

2.2 The Club means The Perth blues Club (WA) Incorporated”

2.3 Committee meeting means a meeting referred to in rule 15;

2.4 Committee member means a person elected to a position on the Club Committee by members pursuant to the Rules of Association referred to in paragraph of rule 10.1;

2.5 President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer means specific Committee Members with specific duties as detailed in the Rules of Association.

2.6 Convene means to call together for a formal meeting;

2.7 Department means the government department with responsibility for administering the Associations Incorporation Act (1987);

2.8 Financial year period commencing 1 July and ending on 30 June in the following year;

2.9 General meeting means a meeting to which all members are invited;

2.10 Member means member, or honorary life member, who is registered pursuant to the Rules of Association;

2.11 Ordinary resolution means resolution other than a special resolution;

2.12 Poll means voting conducted in written form.

2.13 Special general meeting means a general meeting other than the annual general meeting;

2.14 Special resolution has the meaning given by section 24 of the Act, that is-

A resolution is a special resolution if it is passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the members of the association who are entitled under the rules of the association to vote and vote in person at a general meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution was given in accordance with those rules.

At a meeting at which a resolution proposed as a special resolution is submitted, a declaration by the person presiding that the resolution has been passed as a special resolution shall be evidence of the fact unless, during the meeting at which the resolution is submitted, a poll is demanded in accordance with the rules of the Association or, if the rules do not make provision as to the manner in which a poll may be demanded, by at least 3 members of the association present in person.

If a poll is held, a declaration by the person presiding as to the result of a poll is evidence of the matter so declared.

2.15 The Act means the Associations Incorporation Act 1987;

2.16 The Association means the Association referred to in rule 1;

2.17 The Chairperson means-

(a) in relation to the proceedings at a Committee meeting or general meeting, the person presiding at the Committee meeting or general meeting in accordance with rule 11; or

(b) otherwise than in relation to the proceedings referred to in paragraph (a), the person referred to in paragraph (a) of rule
11 (1)

2.18 The Commissioner means the Commissioner for Consumer Protection exercising powers under the Act;

2.19 The Committee means the Committee of Management, elected by the members, of the Association referred to in rule 10.1;

2.20 The Secretary means the Secretary referred to in paragraph of rule 10.1 at 10.1.3;

2.21 The Treasurer means the Treasurer referred to in paragraph of rule 10.1 at 10.1.4;

2.22 The President means the President referred to in paragraph of rule 10.1 at 10.1.1;

2.23 The Vice-President means the Vice-President referred to in paragraph of rule 10.1 at 10.1.2;