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14. Casual vacancies in membership of Committee

A casual vacancy occurs in the office of a Committee member and that office becomes vacant if the Committee member -

14.1 Dies

14.2 Resigns by notice in writing delivered to the President or, if the Committee member is the President, to the Vice-President and that resignation is accepted by resolution of the Committee.

14.3 Is convicted of an offence under the Act

14.4 Is permanently incapacitated by mental or physical ill-health

14.5 Is absent from more than-

14.5.1 Three consecutive Committee meetings; or

14.5.2 Three Committee meetings in the same financial year without tendering an apology to the person presiding at each of those Committee meetings; of which meetings the member received notice, and the Committee has resolved to declare the office vacant;

14.5.3 Ceases to be a member of the Association.

14.5.4 Is the subject of a resolution passed by the Committee or a general meeting of members terminating his or her appointment as a Committee member.