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16. General meetings

The Committee-

16.1 may at any time convene a special general meeting;

16.2 must convene annual general meetings within the time limits provided for the holding of such meetings by section 23 of the Act, that is, in every calendar year within 4 months after the end of the Association's financial year or such longer period as may in a particular case be allowed by the Commissioner. and

16.3 must, within 30 days of -

16.3.1 receiving a request in writing to do so from not less than 10% members, convene a special general meeting for the purpose specified in that request; or

16.3.2 the Secretary receiving a notice under rule 9.4, convene a general meeting to deal with the appeal to which that notice relates.

16.4 The members making a request referred to in rule 16.3.1 must -

16.4.1 state in that request the purpose for which the special general meeting concerned is required; and

16.4.2 sign that request.

16.5 If a special general meeting is not convened within the relevant period of 30 days referred to -

16.5.1 rule 16.3.1 the members who made the request concerned may themselves convene a special general meeting as if they were the Committee; or

16.5.2 rule 16.3.2 the member who gave the notice concerned may him or herself convene a special general meeting as if he or she were the Committee.

16.6 When a special general meeting is convened under rule 16.5.1 or 16.5.2 the Association must pay the reasonable expenses of convening and holding the special general meeting.

16.7 Subject to rule 16.9, the Secretary must give to all members not less than 14 days notice of a special general meeting and that notice must specify-

16.7.1 when and where the general meeting concerned is to be held; and

16.7.2 particulars of the business to be transacted at the general meeting concerned and of the order in which that business is to be transacted.

16.8 Subject to rule 16.9 the Secretary must give to all members not less than 14 days notice of an annual general meeting and that notice must specify -

16.8.1 when and where the annual general meeting is to be held;

16.8.2 the particulars and order in which business is to be transacted, as follows -

(a) first, the consideration of the accounts and reports of the Committee;

(b) second, the election of Committee members to replace outgoing Committee members; and

(c) third, any other business requiring consideration by the Association at the general meeting.

16.9 A special resolution may be moved either at a special general meeting or at an annual general meeting, however the Secretary must give to all members not less than 14 days’ notice of the meeting at which a special resolution is to be proposed. In addition to those matters specified in rule 16.7 or 16.8, as relevant, the notice must also include the resolution to be proposed and the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution.

16.10 The Secretary must give a notice under rule 16.7 16.8 or 16.9 on any notices required to be distributed including notices of meeting and notices specific members should be served by one of the following methods-

16.10.1 serving it on a member personally

16.10.2 sending it to a member by an accepted electronic means

16.10.3 sending it by post to a member at the address of the member appearing in the register of members kept and maintained under rule 6.1.

16.10.4 notices will also be displayed on the website and noted in the newsletter.

16.11 When a notice is sent by any one of the methods under rule 16.10.1, 16.10.2, 16.10.3 or 16.10.4, sending of the notice will be deemed to be properly effected.