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19. Voting rights of members of Association

19.1 Subject to these rules, each member present in person at a general meeting is entitled to a deliberative vote.

19.2 A member which is a body corporate may appoint in writing a natural person, whether or not he or she is a member, to represent it at a particular general meeting or at all general meetings.

19.3 An appointment made under rule 19.2 must be made by a resolution of the board or other governing body of the body corporate concerned which resolution is authenticated by an authorised person of that body corporate.

19.4 A person appointed under rule 19.2 to represent a member which is a body corporate is deemed for all purposes to be a member until that appointment is revoked by the body corporate or, in the case of an appointment in respect of a particular general meeting, which appointment is not so revoked, the conclusion of that general meeting.