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5. Qualifications for membership of Association

5.1 Membership of the Association is open to all persons interested in music, particularly blues music.

5.2 A person who wishes to become a member must apply to the Committee by completing and signing a membership application form in such form as the Committee from time to time directs.

5.3 The Committee members must consider each application made under rule 5.2 at a Committee meeting and must at the Committee meeting or the next Committee meeting accept or reject that application.

5.4 An applicant whose application for membership of the Association is rejected under rule 5.3 must, if he or she wishes to appeal against that decision, give notice to the Secretary of his or her intention to do so within a period of 14 days from the date he or she is advised of the rejection.

5.5 When notice is given under rule 5.4 the Association in the next Committee meeting must either confirm or set aside the decision of the Committee to reject the application, after having afforded the applicant who gave that notice a reasonable opportunity to be heard by, or to make representations in writing to, the Committee.