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Members Log-in

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6. Register of members of Association

6.1 The Secretary, on behalf of the Association, must comply with section 27 of the Act by keeping and maintaining-

in an up to date condition a register of the members of the Association and their postal or residential addresses and, upon the request of a member of the Association on reasonable notice, shall make the register available for the inspection of the member and the member may make a hand written copy of or take an extract from the register of the name and postal address only but shall have no right to remove the register for that purpose.

6.2 The register must be so kept in written, typed or electronic form and maintained at the Secretary’s place of residence or at such other place as the Committee decides.

6.3 The Secretary must cause the name of a person who dies or who ceases to be a member under rule 8 to be deleted from the register of members referred to in rule 6.1.