Photography, Video and Audio Guidelines

A number of musicians have mentioned that videos taken at the Club on Tuesday's are finding their way onto social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube. They are rightly concerned that amateur video (and audio) might present them in a poor light, so we'd like to provide some guidelines: 

  • It is fine to take video for personal and private use, but if you intend to upload it to a social media site, please ensure that you have permission from the musician(s) concerned and that an appropriate acknowledgement accompanies the video.
  • It is OK to upload photographs to social media, but please remember to attach an appropriate acknowledgement to promote the musicians and the Club when doing so. Better still, post your photos on our Pinterest Website
  • It is not permitted to record audio at the Perth Blues Club without the express written consent of the artist(s).
  • If you are recording video and/or audio on behalf of the artist(s), please ensure you liaise with our sound engineer Rik van der Velde.