Pete Romano


Pete Romano started in bands when he was 15, playing in his high school band with the then standard line-up of drums, bass, rhythm and lead guitar. Reverb and tremolo were the only effects available in Far North Queensland in those days. Isolation and the lack of exposure to live music created limitations to Pete's burning desire to play in a band like The Shadows, The Ventures, The Atlantics and countless other instrumental heroes. Undaunted, Pete haunted school dances and Town Hall Balls where he first got given a go' and was soon recognised by the band members as the kid who knew all the bloody songs they played'. Working in the sugar cane and banana fields was OK but in his late teens playing and singing in his band was far more enjoyable and lucrative. By now it was Cream and Jimi Hendrix, The Animals and The Rolling Stones that got him excited. His father, also a part time entertainer taught him to appreciate the likes of Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and Pearl Bailey; creating the catalyst for his deep feeling for the Blues. Gone was the pop dream, now it was just blues harp and vocals that concerned him. During a stay of several years in Melbourne, Pete recorded six of his original songs with a band called Elmer Fud in what was them Studio 31. After playing Sunbury Pop Festival the band disintegrated and Pete went back to Queensland for a few more cane seasons and countless County and Western cabaret gigs. On arriving in Perth he joined The Magnificent Seven but the pull of the Blues was just too much! A couple of years with The Tailgators saw much more roadwork and another recording of his original material. The Gators were formed soon after, and became a regular act at Bike Shows and Bindoon Festivals and of course the Perth Blues Club; of which he is a founding member. Pete's CD Sublime To Ridiculous, recorded in 2002, is a collection of his old and new works. His long time friend Marc Gordon, produced the CD and encouraged Pete to just do what you want'. You can often catch Pete at Blue to the Bone' in Northbridge, in a duo with Marc who puts his gentle guitar to Pete's deep, soulful, blues voice that evokes the unique sounds of Australian blues.

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