Domenic Zurzolo

Western Australian born Domenic Zurzolo grew up in a rural suburb called Carmel just outside of Kalamunda, Perth. Influenced by his father who played guitar and sang, Domenic began playing the acoustic guitar from an early age. By his early teens Domenic was given an electric guitar and formed a band with some of his high school buddies, called Powerline. Playing a mixture of covers and originals, Powerline started to gain a following and the band recorded a four song cassette at Shelter Studio called Fire in The Sky , featuring three of Domenic s original compositions. The band played local venues including the High Wycombe Hotel and the Shaftsbury Hotel, and after five years and a few line up changes the band split. Members: Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/vocals, Charley Giglia - Guitar, Tony Condo - Bass, Idolo Schettino - Drums, Peter Scaffidi - Vocals In The Eighties By the age of seventeen Domenic began guitar lessons with guitar guru Cliff Lynton. With Cliff s help Domenic was accepted into WAAPA and spent the next three years studying Jazz, completing his Certificate in Music and Associate Diploma in Jazz. During this period Domenic played in six piece cover band, The Chromatics. The band played all the big venues around Perth including the Warwick Hotel, Charles hotel, Raffles Hotel and the Floreat hotel and toured the south west and north to Geraldton and east to Kalgoorlie. Some highlights include supporting the Divinyls and Mental as Anything. Members: Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/sax/vocals, Ron Hodgkinson - Keyboards/vocals, Johnny Greene - Guitar, Matt Coumo - Bass, Gary Spielman - Drums, John Grunden - Vocals. After the Chromatics, Domenic teamed up with old school friend and drummer Mark Sutton who was working at Channel Nine as a cameraman. Mark introduced Domenic to TV personality Louise Antonas (now Louise Anton) and they formed a five piece band. Domenic wrote the song Experience dedicated to his niece, Amanda. The band recorded the music at Channel Nine studios and Louise sang it for Appealathon. Members included: Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/sax/vocals, Louise Antonas - Vocals, Mark Sutton - Drums, Ron Hodgkinson - Keyboards and Vince Deluca - Bass. After the Appealathon project, Domenic and Mark recorded original music for the Americas Cup challenge with engineer Trevor Gains. Double Trouble - Domenic formed the duo Double Trouble, which was very popular and played all the popular spots around Perth including The Windsor Hotel, OBH Hotel, Henry Africas, The Cock and Bull, Burswood Casino and the Newport Hotel to name a few. Double Trouble had quite a few line up changes. Band members included Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/vocals, John Grunden - Vocals, Ron Hodgkinson - Keyboards, Henry Pitman - Bass, Sue Chinnery - Vocals, Natalie Gillespie - Vocals, Paula Casini - Vocals. Kosmic Sound - After completing his Jazz studies Domenic worked at Kosmic Sound (a music store) as a guitar salesman. During his time at Kosmic some highlights include a trip to America from the Roland Corporation to the NAAM music show in LA and a tour of the Fender guitar factory (a dream come true). While in America Domenic visited New York, Memphis and Nashville. Domenic also was involved in clinics featuring Chong Lim and Mitch Farmer. Freefall - While working at Kosmic and playing in Double Trouble, Domenic played and recorded with original band Freefall. The band recorded some demos with John Villani at Planet Studios and where chosen to play on a home grown album. Members included Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar /vocals, John Grunden - Vocals, Matt Coumo - Bass, Johnny Petit - Keyboards/piano and John Tombities - Drums. Charvel Jackson Long Live the Lead Break Competition After Freefall, Domenic entered the Long Live the Lead Break competition, held at the Charles Hotel and including ten contestants. Domenic won the Western Australian heat and was invited to the semi final in Melbourne and played at the Palace Hotel, St Kilda. Angry Anderson While playing at Gobbles night club on Friday nights early with Double Trouble Domenic was invited to join resident Gobbles band The Night After, and the band backed Angry for a weekend of great gigs. Band members included Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar, Angry Anderson - Vocals, Gary Dunn - Guitar, Alan Lyford - Bass, Vinnie Crea - Drums. In The Nineties John Albert Band - While playing in Broome with Double Trouble Domenic was asked to do some recording for ex Scrap Metal vocalist John Albert. After some demos at Planet studio, the album Through A Mirror was recorded at ABC studios. The John Albert Band performed at the 1992 Stompin Ground Festival in Broome in front of thousands of people and the event was televised live around Australia on the ABC and Triple J radio. Clips of the concert are still played in Broome on the local TV station. Band members included Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/vocals, John Albert - Vocals, Ben Raja - Bass, Dave Martinez - Keyboards, Gary Ridge - Percussion, Ric Whittle - Drums. Now You re Talking - While playing in Double Trouble and solo Domenic joined Perth Trio Now You re Talking with vocalist Sheona Piper and Keyboardist Serge Motroni. The trio held resident gigs at Liars Saloon and the Windsor Hotel, both very popular venues. Neil Brooks While playing in Now Your Talking Domenic was asked to do some TV gigs with former Olympic swimmer Neil Brooks along with drummer Ric Whittle. The trio played prime time TV on Brooksy s Footy Show and Telethon. After returning from America, Domenic decided to return to University and completed a Bachelor of Music Education Degree. Europe In 1996 Domenic and his wife Ingrid decided to go to Europe on a working holiday for a year. Based in Munich, Germany, Domenic began working in the local Irish pubs - Fiddlers Green and The Shamrock among several other venues around Munich and Austria (Salzburg). After traveling around Europe in spring and visiting relatives in Italy, Domenic and Ingrid moved to London. While in London, Domenic played in local hotels and tourist bars including The Redback Hotel and the Prince Alfred. Back to Perth Back in Perth, Domenic settled into some part time music teaching, began working solo again and put together trio Love Struck Babies - a popular group playing the Windsor Hotel, Stamford Arms, Leisure Inn and The Bog night club. The trio had three line up changes - Line up One: Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/vocal, Emilio Furfaro - Bass, Thane Mandin - Drums. Line up Two: Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/vocal, Frank Celenza - Drums, Eddie Parise - Bass. Line up Three: Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/vocals, Ric Eastman - Drums, Don Benson - Bass. The New Millennium (beyond 2000) Nova Trio/Band Nova Trio featured Liz McRae on vocals and Brigit Devaney on vocals. A popular trio playing venues around Perth. Nova The band was put together for a residency at Rosie O Gradys, Fremantle on Friday nights and featured Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/vocals, Brigit Devaney - Vocals, Zoe - Vocals, Ric Eastman - Drums, Manoli - Bass and Joe Petrolo keyboard. Gig highlights include The Prime Minister s Ball (Hyatt Hotel) and the Rally Australia wind up party (Sheraton Hotel). Domenic Zurzolo Trio In 2002, Domenic began doing original gigs, road testing songs for the new albums Girls Cars and Guitars and When I See You Smile . Gigs included the Indi Bar, Leederville Street Festival and the Leederville Hotel. West of Centre - duo/band While still working solo Domenic put together West of Centre, the duo with wife Ingrid. The duo performs at selected venues and corporate functions. West of Centre the band perform at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel on New Years Eve. Fretboard Frenzy A tribute to Domenic s favourite guitar players, Fretboard Frenzy play the music of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Santana to name a few. Featuring Domenic Zurzolo - Guitar/vocals, Emilio Furfaro - Bass and Frank Frisina - Drums. Present Domenic is currently playing solo and with duo West of Centre and is preparing to tour Australia in the second half of 2008.

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