The band was formed in 2007 under the banner of The McCowat-Nelson Blues Band, but later changed the name to a more recognisable and easily remembered Bloozology in 2010.The current line-up has been together since 2012 and features Allan Lyford (bass and vocals), Alan McCowat (guitar and vocals), Mike Nelson (keys and vocals ), Paul Millard (saxes) and Vince Pavitt (drums ). Consisting of some of Perth's most experienced musicians, the band, as the name suggests, explores all facets of the blues delivering a unique blend of blues, rhythm and blues, jazz and soul rarely found in Perth.With a repertoire of both originals and covers, they have developed a sound that should please all tastes in the broad spectrum of the blues.Having played successful gigs at The Ellington and Fremantle jazz clubs, Bloozology now returns to Perth Blues Club, back to where it started in 2007 as MNBB. Come on down, have a dance or just soak up the music, it's been a while, so you won't want to miss it!

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