Lindsay Wells


Much has been made of the new breed of Perth rock musicians who are putting our city on the world's musical map, but one now-bluesman did just that over 30 years ago and has been doing it ever since with Awesome Wells.

Lindsay Wells says of his career, "I've been trying for a long time and I love it, it comes from my heart and when it does that I guess you've got a chance."

Lindsay is a musician whose career has expanded over most of his life focusing on applying his talents - at the age of eleven with the East Vic Park School Brass Band as a multi instrumentalist majoring on trombone, then extending into The Airforce Brass Band at age of thirteen.

As rock and roll became a magnetic driving force in the sixties, Lindsay decided to become a guitarist and quickly developed into one of Australia's greats, featuring as a member and leader of some of the most entertaining and legendary bands in our music scene.

His first band was the Sfinks and at that time wrote a song called 'There's No Lie' which was the first song that Bonnie Scott recorded. The first professional band was Sari Britt in 1968 playing Hendrix and Cream with two Americans.

The list of bands Lindsay has featured in include: 'The Bakery', 'Healing Force', 'Fatty Lumpkin', 'BlackFeather', 'Rene Geyer and Sanctuary', 'Sneakers', 'Feet First', 'Jazz with the Lindsay Wells Quintet' and now his 'Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute' with The Awesome Wells Band in which he plays originals and some of the older style blues to provide the variety that has sculptured our music scene.

He took part in the legendary 'Jimi Hendrix Plugged and Unplugged' show at the Perth Blues Club in September 2010 and has been a regular favourite at the club since its very early days.

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