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When we say Rhythm and Blues we don't mean the modern day music genre that now carries this label. We're talking about the combined elements of jazz, gospel music and the blues that created a very personalized form of melody and rhythm which has become known as one of the outstanding styles of American music from the 50's and 60's.

That's what we mean when we say Real Rhythm and Blues!

Big Town Players' repertoire includes classic R&B hits from bands like the Meters, such as 'Ride Your Pony' that sits comfortably alongside blues favourites like Sonnyboy Williamson's 'Help Me' and Taj Mahal's 'She Caught the Katie'. They are also compiling an ever growing selection of original songs. But no matter what they play, it is always danceable and fun with an uncannily contemporary feel.

The band features the magical vocals of Em Burrows, fast becoming this Big Town's premier R&B/blues female voice. Matching her vocal prowess with equally proficient keyboard skills, you can be assured of enjoying everything she has to deliver.

Pete Lisiewich has been around the Perth music scene for around 40 years. He Started out playing in great blues bands such as The Kingpins and The West Coast Rhythm Kings. In more recent years he has been concentrating on other forms but accepted this chance to perform the R&B and blues songs that he has always loved and ain't we glad. The band features Pete's powerful lead vocals on several good time classics too.

Phil Bradley is one of Perth's major guitar-slingers! Coming from legendary outfits such as 'The Mutants Of Desire' and 'Brutus' to name just two, he has embraced the chance to embellish the blues and the aforementioned R&B classics we do with his inimitable style.

Howie Smallman, heavily influenced by the old Chicago blues blowers also provides a special take on the repertoire. Some bands that have enjoyed Howie's contribution over the years include: Spinifex, Salty Dog, The West Coast Rhythm Kings, Jaywalkers, Sneekers, Dave Hole, Feet First, The Body and Fender Band and The Hips.

Phil Riseborough has also been a stalwart of this Big town's music scene back in the 70's applying his percussive skills to such groovin' outfits as Spinifex, and Twice Shy, Later Phil became a top sound engineer to many great Perth bands as diverse as The Stems and Matt Taylor providing his adaptability to different forms. Essential for a good sound man. After selling his business in the early 90's Phil chose another path for a while but as fate would have it he returned to the drummer's chair to take up the helm with The Hips and now we have the pleasure of his company and talent.

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