Myles Mitchell

Myles Mitchell evokes the lyrical storytelling of Johnny Cash, the baritone vocal stylings of Jim Morrison (The Doors) and the sounds of West Australian blues and roots to create his own unique blend of Hip Shaking Alternative Blues. 

With more than 80 live performances across Australia and the USA in the past two-and-a-half years with Red Stone Sinners, and a debut album that received national airplay throughout Australia, Mitchell is at it again with a new journey. 

Stepping out under a solo banner and collaborating with a network of talented musicians, this is a new exploration of Mitchell’s song writing, which is worldly, wise, relevant, sexy, surprising and downright fun. 

Mitchell performs solo or with a three-piece band and his distinctive style of high-energy performance and cheeky repartee is always part of the show. 

Born out of the Perth Blues scene and schooled on tour in the USA, Mitchell distils a rich array of life experiences and global excursions into this deeply West Australian musical experience.

When in Trio mode, the band members are: Myles Mitchell (Vocals and Guitar), Dave Guilfoyle (Bass), Buzz Brown (Drums)

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