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Members Log-in

The Perth Blues Club provides the following:

Lighting, PA and operators
These are provided at no cost to the artists.

Backline, Instruments and Sessions Musicians
Artists will usually provide their own instruments and backline. However, the club can make arrangements for a backline and/or additional musicians, if necessary, at mutually agreeable terms. Please be sure to notify us as soon as you make your booking.


The Club will supply a rider of full strength beer and water. Any additional, reasonable requests will be accommodated. Please ensure that you are at the venue at least 30 minutes before the start of your performance.

CD and Mechandise sales
The Club shop will handle your CD and merchandise sales on the night and no commission is charged. However, we do ask for a donation of two autographed CDs - one of which will be raffled on the night and the other retained as shop stock for later sale to cover credit card fees etc. An area adjacent to the shop will be set-aside for you to autograph CDs. Please discuss these arrangements with the shop staff on arrival at the gig. And remember to bring plenty of CDs.