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Steve Tallis & the Snakes of DesireSteve Tallis (Blues Shaman / Australian Griot) returns from Paris with "The  Snakes of Desire", performing songs from his critically acclaimed new album "The First Degree" as well as some new  songs and old favourites.   

"Words that speak of the spirit. Earthy, unadorned music that comes from somewhere under the skin, this is as real  as it gets. Uncompromising in his artistic integrity. One of the few artists brave enough to stand naked and imperfect  within an industry that encourages conformity and compliance."  Phil Bennett @ Nova   

"Part Buddha, Demon, Mad Angel"   Ray Purvis @ The West   

"Australia's Bob Dylan"   Kris Rogers @ Pelican   

"In a musical milieu that values tradition he is a bit of loose cannon, a maverick, a highly individual performer with a  strong sense of self worth. I've never heard anyone outside the black music idiom perform a capella field hollers  with such power and commitment."  Mark Doherty @ Rhythms 

Richie Pavledis (7.30pm)

A crowd favorite, it’s always a pleasure watching this man on stage.  With Richie comes intensity and passion. Integrity flows through his songs and makes them live. Hearing his music is like having a conversation with Richie. His songs relate to various qualities, but they all share one central theme; we're alive. And that joins us, somehow, in the great spirituality of our world. 

Love Bites (10.00pm)

Remember the good times? Well, they’re back. Stones flavoured R&B with a twist of rock’n’roll, a dash of  blues and a splash of whatever that other ingredient is. Having long since forgotten their vague promise to deliver  that fourth chord, they remain in that magical era when bands got up, kicked it around and just had a brilliant time  playing a bunch of songs. Featuring mighty stalwarts Phil Bennett (singer and piano thumper), Sam Musca (string  twanger), Harry Heslin (bass rumbler) and Yugan Chobanoff (drum wacker), Love bites are a long time Blues Club  fave who will have you rockin’ and rollin’ till everybody gets politely asked to leave at the end of the night.