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KNiKi & Mike Beale Project's stage presence has an instantly identifiable and energetic delivery. Renowned Australia-wide not just for stellar musical performances and captivating stage presence, but also for their ability to deliver a genuinely good time.

Mike's vocals and guitar playing take you on a journey of his influence from Led Zeppelin to Robben Ford and Eric Clapton. When he picks up the electic guitar, hold onto your glasses as he will shake them clear off the table!

KNiKi delivers powerhouse vocals ranging from soft sweet clours to tearing the house down. She is different, mesmerising, captivating and entertaining. 

KNiKi and Mike Beale Project will be supported by Duos Amigos (7.30pm) and Jook Joint Band (10pm)

Duos Amigos

John Talati and Richard Ellis make up Duos Amigos. These two talented musicians have played around Perth and at the PBC for some years. Expect some original songs along with some covers - all worth a listen and a dance.

Jook Joint Band

Jook Joint Band is a 'jug band' at heart that has been wowing audiences with snappy renditions of old-time blues, skiffle and ragtime music in and around Perth and WA for the past 10 years. "Dancing Blues" they call it, in line with the band's aim to get their audiences tappin' their feet and a-slappin' their thighs.

Members of this five-piece band play a variety of traditional 'jug band' instruments including the jug, washboard, ukulele, 6 & 12-string guitars, acoustic bass, stand up drums and harmonica. Their repertoire is drawn from an ever-growing list of originals and covers from the likes of Lead Belly, Memphis Jug Band, C.W. Stoneking Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Bling Boy Fuller and others. 

They have played at the Blues at Bridgetown Festival, Fairbridge Festival, Boddington Music Festival and throughout the State at many other shows and festivals including the Canning Show, Fremantle Heritage Festival, East Fremantle George St Festival, Waroona Show, Mukinbudin Spring Festival, Folk and Roots at the Perth Cultural Centre, to name a few.