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At long last, we've been able to secure one of the hottest shows in Australia - Natalie Gillespie and band.

Natalie Gillespie's powerful songs take you on a journey many miles deep. Having toured her second album Courage to Love with well loved blues guitarist Dave Brewer at various venues including The Ellington, she will grace the stage of the Perth Blues Club on Tuesday 6 March with Dave, Ric Eastman (drums) and Roy Martinez (bass).

Natalie is a passionate storyteller and a dynamic performer with a universal message of struggle, hope and joy.

Natalie and the band will be performing two sets from 8.45pm and support will be Coffee Cats (7.30pm)

The following is a review by Tony Hillier of The Australian.

NatalieGillespieCDCover 6Courage to Love
Natalie Gillespie

A panoply of premier Australian roots and rock talent — principally West Australians — packs down behind Natalie Gillespie in the Perth singer’s belated second album, which is primarily why the follow-up to her 2003 debut solo release punches above its weight. While the soulful pipes and lyrics of this former Yothu Yindi backing vocalist are rightfully centre stage, it’s the musical clout and creativity provided by her sidemen that pushes Courage to Love above just average.

A characteristically incisive axe cameo from Cold Chisel’s Ian Moss consummately complements the tenor of a hard-hitting opening gambit from the big-haired songstress that goes for the jugular with lines like: “You’re a traitor and a liar / You’re a cheater and a has-been”. On the remaining 11 cuts, it’s the equally expressive and instinctual guitar playing of principal collaborator and co-composer Dave Brewer — in acoustic, electric and slide mode — that provides the springboard. Aiding and abetting on steamy Hammond organ and rock-solid electric bass are members of Brewer’s engine-room from the Mighty Reapers, Clayton Doley and Vito Portolesi. Western Australia’s master of the blues shuffle Ric Eastman (Dave Hole band) is on drums, while The Waifs’ Ben Franz holds down the bass lines on a handful of tracks.

Above well-made beds, Gillespie expresses vulnerability and vexation in verses that convey struggle, sorrow and self-acceptance. As she sings, with a country tinge, in the anthemic Journey Woman: “Once I was a contender, they all wanted to be my friend / Now I’m just a journey woman scared the road is coming to an end”. Courtesy of a little help from her friends, the fortunes of this formerly Los Angeles-based songstress may be on the rise again.

© The Australian

Coffee Cats

Coffee Cats consists of Blake Byrne and Jack Lowrie - two buskers who honed their talents entertaining the wild the wild, often drunk crowds of late-night Northbridge. 

Jack's other band, Mindfreakz, represented Western Australia at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN in 2016. Blake is the hardest working late-night busker in Perth, frequently finishing at 7am. Together, their music is a take on traditional blues with powerful, soulful vocals and beautiful guitar playing that rivals the best.

Coffee Cats play music for the drunk and lonely.

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