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Remember the good times? Well, they’re back. Stones flavoured R&B with a twist of  rock’n’roll, a dash of blues and a splash of whatever that other ingredient is, is what makes the Love Bites. Having long since forgotten their vague promise to deliver that fourth chord, they remain in that magical era when bands got up, kicked it around and just had a brilliant time playing a bunch of songs.

Supporting Love Bites are The 3 and Dr John & the Midnight Jammers.

Entry: $15.00 (Members $10.00)

The 3

Consisting of Murray Campbell (drums/percussion), Rod Mickle (guitar/bass/vocals) and Bruce W Gilbert (guitar/vocals), The members of The 3 have been in many bands individually and together including The Answer, A2Z and Refugees and have also recorded together several times. A new set of songs in a reggae/blues/funk fusion will get you on the dance floor and grooving  to the fundamental beats.

Dr John & the Midnight Jammers

Dr John and The Midnight Jammers have dug deep  into the back catalogue of blues and come up with songs and a sound that blends rootsy riffs with raw grooves. Think Howling Wolf meets Buddy Guy!! Mixing rare blues gems with original numbers, The Jammers have found a fresh new sound  that makes you want to jump and jive. With Tony (the groove guru) Edwards laying down a solid back beat, Mark locking in the pulsing bass grooves, Phil (the slide master) Pearson adding searing solos on his old strat, and jumpin' John (the Doctor) Smoker growling  his way across the stage adding riffs on his 'Lucille' Gibson and wailing into his old Marine Band harps, you are bound for a rockin' good night as Dr John and The Midnight Jammers roll you down the tracks.