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The blues band Bloozology was formed in 2007 and performed its debut concert at the Perth Blues Club in March of that year. Since then it has performed a variety of concerts including at The Ellington Jazz Club and Jazz Fremantle (Navy Club). On Tuesday 25 April, the band makes a welcome return to its roots at the PBC for a night of jazz-slanted blues.

Bloozology consists of some of the most experienced musicians in Perth. The band is: Alan Lyford (Vocals / Bass), Alan McCowat (Vocals / Guitar), Mike Nelson (Vocals / Keyboards), Jim Cook (Sax) and Vince Pavitt (Drums) and with a talented line-up such as that, you are guaranteed a top-notch night out.

Bloozology will be supported by Rick Steele (7.30pm) and Will Pound & Eddy Jay - UK (10.00pm)

Entry: $15.00 / $10.00 Members

Rick Steele

As President of the Perth Blues Club, Rick Steele has been a major factor in the development of the blues and roots community in Perth and has shared both his passion and his knowledge with many of WA's musicians over the years.

While he has lived much of his life in Perth, Steele is originally from New Zealand, and is the son of a preacher man quite literally. With his mother a piano teacher, Steele grew up with music in his life. But it wasn't the 'Lord's music' that inspired him, it was the music of Elvis and The Beatles that set in motion the Rick Steele we know today.

His mother refused to buy the 12 year old a guitar, as she was not thrilled about Elvis at all; she offered a violin or piano lessons instead. Rick said "bugger that", and promptly got a job to pay for his own guitar.

After school, Rick decided to become a teacher, figuring that his mother and sister were both teachers and that "preaching and teaching go together really". It was while at training school that he landed his first band - The Vision in the mid to late 1960s.

Since those very early years, Rick has gone on to forge a successful musical career for himself, both as a recording artist and member of various well-known and talented outfits. He has also been the force behind the Perth Blues Club since its inception back in 1992.

Now he is also known for being the father to two of the new generation of shining stars - Katie, Luke and Jake. But perhaps most importantly, Rick Steele has continued to preach and to teach the beauty of music to all who will listen at various venues in Perth and WA.

Will Pound & Eddy Jay

The dynamic and exhilarating duo of Will Pound and Eddy Jay leaves audiences breathless. Together they create a sound and show like no other. The pair read each other instinctively, forging a path to new folk sounds with harmonica and accordion together as one instrument

Will has been awarded Spiral Earth Magazine Musician of the Year 2015, FATEA Instrumentalist of the Year 2013 and 2014, and been nominated three-times for BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician of the Year.

He has performed with musicians as diverse as Martin Simpson, Concerto Caledonia, Michelle Burke and Guy Chambers. His own projects include Haddo, Walsh and Pound and The Will Pound Band.

Eddy performed in the stage musical version of Noel Coward's Brief Encounter' (Kneehigh Theatre) which toured US theatres including Studio 56 on Broadway (NY)

He has performed with Cathal Coughlan and Tina May, and also devised his own shows of Prokofiev's 'Peter and the Wolf' and a musical biography of Edith Piaf.

'One of the most breathtaking live acts I’ve ever witnessed; The wild man of the accordion EJ and harmonica whizzkid WP creating sounds you just wouldn’t credit coming out of those instruments.'
Tom Robinson, BBC6 (June 2017)

'Stunning: two quite brilliant musicians demonstrate dynamic instrumental work.
Paul Collins, Maverick Magazine