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With more bottom end than you can poke a mic stand at, the Electrik Co is a trio of renowned lapslide player and front man Andrew Winton, with the legendary Perth rhythm section power house Eddie Parise (bass) and Frank Celenza (drums). A combination of deep fried, southern blues and rock, these guys have experience to boot with their driving electrified blues.

Supporting Electrik Co are The Chills (7.30pm) and One The Level (10pm)

Entry: $15.00 / $10.00 (members)

The Chills

The Chills are an exciting and innovative new band on the Perth music scene. The Chills unique blend of soul, funk, RnB and blues combined with a touch of classic aussie rock has the versatility to cater a variety of audiences and situations.

Ben and Carmelo met whilst teaching music at a respected Perth school. They soon found that they had similar tastes in music and decided to form a band. When a ‘friend of a friend’ introduced them to Laralee, The Chills were complete. Now firm friends, they share a common desire to play great music, honouring the legends of the past with new approaches to great songs.

The Chills use only live instruments to deliver the best possible groove for audiences to ‘chill’ to, or get up and boogie on the dance floor. The powerful trio comprising of a female vocalist, keyboardist/male vocalist and drums combines soaring and soulful vocals with high quality musicianship to create earthy and irrepressible grooves.

The trio can deliver faithful renditions of classic songs as well as fresh and creative interpretations of the songs you love. Captivating mashups of tracks that combine both the classic and the new further display the artistry of this ensemble. Rarities and B sides also appear in the repertoire, engaging audiences with timeless tracks that have slipped out of the mainstream.

The Chills will do everything they can to guarantee a fantastic night and an experience to be remembered.

On The Level

Back at the club where they emerged from in 2003, the lineup has changed a few times, but the band has been settled these past years. With two studio albums under their belt and the best selling Live @ The PBC CD recorded by Mr Bob Patient, On The Level are keen to take the PBC stage once again.

On The Level is Dave Gillam (vocals, guitar), Steve Garde (guitar, vocals), Jim Awram (bass, vocals), Bill Blissett (keyboards, vocals), and Ian Ironside (drums).