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Local guitar legend Lindsey Wells celebrated 50 years as a professional musician in March this year. Joining him tonight we have, on guitar and vocals Bob Geaves on bass and Ric Whittle on drums to make Awesome Wells.

Much has been made of the new breed of Perth rock musicians who are putting our city on the world's musical map, but Lindsay Wells has been doing it for 50 years. To find out if that accolade is true, you have to experience the awesomeness of Wells up close and personal.

Wells is a musician whose career has extended to most of his life beginning at the age of 11 with the East Vic Park School Brass Band as a multi‐instrumentalist majoring on trombone. As rock’n’roll became a magnetic driving force in the ‘60s, Wells decided to become a guitarist and quickly developed into one of Australia’s greats, featuring as a member and leader of some of the most entertaining and legendary bands in our music scene. He has since played as a guest with many of the world’s great bands including Eric Clapton with whom he played a two hour concert.

Awesome Wells will be supported by Night Herons (7.30pm) and Craig James & the DB Brothers (10.00pm).

Entry: $15.00 / $10.00 (members)

Night Herons

Pete Romano and Mark Constable make up the Night Herons. These two have been around the Perth blues scene from before the inception of the Perth Blues Club! Together they form a full sound
duo: two vocalists, a guitar, a harp and foot percussion. This time at PBC they will be performing their Songs of Sin and Redemption. Be ready for some fun on the dark side.

Craig James & the DB Brothers

A three-piece blues band playing original material. The band is relatively new, but the members have been around for about 25 years with a couple of them having played at the Club previously.