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Western Australian blues-rock up-and-comer Matty T Wall is itching to get out on the road in support of latest release ‘Sidewinder’. He'll be doing his thing all over Australia this winter, with shows on both coasts throughout July and August. His first gig on this tour is at The Perth Blues Club on Tuesday 3 July.

Sidewinder is a 12-track tour dé force through classic soul and screaming blues. It displays more of the slick guitar work that has seen him lauded worldwide as one of the best things coming out of the Aussie scene in a long while.

Key to the sound of Sidewinder is the presence of legendary Grammy-winning producer-engineer Bob Clearmountain. Famed for his work with the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie and hundreds of other platinum artists, Clearmountain provides the sonic sparkle that helps set this new album apart.

With his newest release, all of the sides of Matty T Wall are in full frame. A young man with a reverent link to his lineage and a vital musical vision for the future, who’s not afraid to back himself. With Sidewinder, Matty T Wall turns it all the way up.

Matty is supported by Dom Zurzolo (7.30pm) and Lobebites (10.00pm)

Entry: $15.00 / $10.00 (members)

Dom Zurzolo

Perth born guitarist vocalist began playing the guitar from an early age influenced by his father who played the guitar and sang Dom began playing in bands in his early teens. Dom is a WAAPA graduate having completed certificate in music, Associate diploma in jazz and a Degree in music education. During his professional career Dom has toured Australia, Europe and visited the USA.


Remember the good times? Well, they’re back. Stones flavoured R&B with a twist of rock’n’roll, a dash of blues and a splash of whatever that other ingredient is. Having long since forgotten their vague promise to deliver that fourth chord, they remain in that magical era when bands got up, kicked it around and just had a brilliant time playing a bunch of songs.