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Lez Karski and the Nervous Investors first came together at the Esperance Yacht Club for a New Year's Eve gig in 2000.

Lez had worked with drummer Ace Follington since the early eighties in Sydney, as session players for Flash & The Pan and Cheetah, and with The Hippos and Bondi Cigars. Ace brought along bassist Roy Daniel and the band was formed and played with no rehearsal for that New Year’s Eve gig.

Since that night, they've toured Australia both as an independent rock/blues trio and as a backing band for visiting overseas act. They have now added Bob Patient on keyboards to the line up, so they just keep getting better.

Supporting The Nervous Investors are The Night Herons (7.30pm) and The Warmups (10.00pm)

Entry: $20.00 / $10.00 (members)

Night Herons

Pete Romano and Mark Constable make up the Night Herons. These two have been around the Perth blues scene from before the inception of the Perth Blues Club! Together they form a full sound duo: two vocalists, a guitar, harp and foot percussion.

This time at PBC they will be performing their Songs of Sin and Redemption. Be ready for some fun on the dark side.