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Lee Sappho and Wayne Green will bring their bands together and perform their new show "When Love Comes to Town" at the Perth Blues Club

Lee Sappho’s Love Thugs: The "Goddess of Peace, Love and Fornication" brings you the blues and so much more. Her stellar band The Love Thugs deliver with a thud you can't resist! Wayne Green’s Ragged Company: Blistering Old School Roots/Rock 'n' Roll ‐ Original Rock, Powerful, Poignant, and Hilarious.

That’s it in their own words. Both Lee and Wayne are backed by a top line up of musicians. Garry Shuttleworth (Guitar), Daryl Clarke (Rhythm guitar/back up vocals), Mark Ralph (Keys), Richard Woollett (Bass) and Geoffrey Maxwell (Drums).

This will be a hugely enjoyable night, so make sure you get down to the PBC and be part of it.

Opening act is Richie Pavledis (7.30pm)

Entry: $20.00 / $10.00 (members)

Richie Pavledis

Think early 60s... East London... Cream, Elvis, Leadbelly.

The beginnings of a passion for rhythms on percussion and lyrics on guitar. Up in the attic in Walthamstow... Berry, Dylan, Tull, teddy boys, mods 'n' rockers, The Stones, The Beatles & so much more these were the influences shaping the life and music of Richie Pavledis.

Richie took his burgeoning talents to Western Australia whilst in his teens, and began honing his skills with a number of local bands including Prayer Wheel, Buckshot, Slave and Barrelhouse.

The '70s gave way to the '80s, by which time Richie had worked the blues circuit with the likes of the Dave Hole band, and the country scene with Alby Pool's No City Limits. Finally Richie found the blend of styles that suited his eclectic foundations and wide ranging talents with Rick Steel and Marc Gordon in The Hot Biscuit Band.