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Join Cathy Earl, Victoria O'Neill and Fiona Garde as they bring you the blues from some of the great Lady blues singers of bygone years. Expect classic numbers from the likes of Etta James to Aretha Franklyn and Janis Joplin. All backed by a talented four piece band, Jon Matthews (guitar), Wayne Slater (bass), Brodie Stewart (keyboards) and Greg Brenton (drums).

Supporting Lady Blue will be Myles Mitchell (7.30pm) and Bag o' Snakes (10.00pm).

Entry: $20.00 / $10.00 (members)

Myles Mitchell

Myles Mitchell evokes the lyrical storytelling of Johnny Cash, the baritone vocal styling of Jim Morrison (The Doors), and the sounds of West Australian blues and roots to create his own unique blend of hip-shaking alternative slues.

Bag o' Snakes

Kent “beast” Hughes and his band finish the night with upbeat blues and rock ’n‘ roll songs full of energy. If you weren’t on the dance floor already, you will be once this band starts.