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The Perth Blues Club is pleased to announce the release of a full-colour, 68-page magazine on the history of the Club.

Produced with assistance from Lottery West, this magazine is the second publication looking at the first 25 years of the life of the Perth Blues Club.

Printed on high-quality paper, it is the story behind the varied perspectives of why this Club is so successful. There are more than 20 articles including additional photo spreads from the official club photographer Allen S Pryah that make this magazine a great companion to Allen’s recently released photo book Perth Blues Club: The First 25 Years. The magazine is the story in words, illustrations, and pictures both historic and contemporary.

The individual stories have been developed from interviews with committee members, musicians, and staff at the Club - Rick Steele, Warren Humphrys, Bob Patient, Sue Bluck, Cathy Earl, Derek Cromb, Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges, Jack Hoffmann, Paul Daniels, Dave Billing, John Chopping, The Teskey Brothers Band and more.

These varied perspectives will enrich your experience of the Club and help you to understand why so many musicians and patrons value it so highly. It will also provide fond memories for those long-term members among us.

At $20 a copy (plus p&p) it is the perfect memento of your experiences at the Perth Blues Club and will give you hours of pleasure as you learn more about its history.

PBC25 Magazine Spreads


Magazine + P&P


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