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Longevity is something that has to be worked on,and there are no guarantees!

The Perth Blues Club has just completed its twenty-sixth year as an incorporated, not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisation. Apart from some grants from Lottery West, for which we are very thankful, and the continued support from Chris Angelkov and the Charles Hotel, we have survived and gone the distance, because of the genuine dedication of our committee and the loyal support of our membership.

Everybody knows Western Australia’s boom and bust cycle and the last couple of years have been rough on the Perth Blues Club too, but we have survived and I feel the committee all has a strong sense of optimism for the future. Indeed, 2018 introduced us to some wonderful new talent, and my longtime Vampire Motto of “new blood“ has been satisfied. In fact, the Blues scene has a growth spurt on, which is literally forcing us to expand. We have such a healthy supply of quality new and experienced acts that Tuesday nights alone, are not enough.

You may have noticed we have been having some Sunday Sessions and I expect that to increase in 2019. The Rosemount Hotel is entering the Blues scene and we will be working with them during the upcoming year, starting on Saturday 26 January with the North Perth Blues Festival, featuring Dave Hole, Blue Shaddy, Blues Busters, Bob Log (USA), Bone Kickers and more.

I expect to be taking our brand of Blues to Fremantle as well as getting involved in some regional touring.

If you are not a member, may I suggest this is maybe a good time to join, as the future is in our hands and I feel a big year coming on. 

In an organisation like this, it is unfair to single out anyone in particular for special mention because everyone contributes to “keep the show on the road”. However, the amazing work by Gill Field with his 25 year Blues Club magazine and Alan S. Pyrah's coffee-table photo-book are outstanding achievements.

Thank-you to y’all who have helped us through a steady year.

Rick Steele - President


“Everybody wants to know,why I sing the blues”. - BB.King.