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Jack Royale and the Hotshot Playboys

Last on stage at the PBC last November, Jack Royale and the Hotshot Playboys make a welcome return.

Battle scarred, ruggedly handsome, veterans of a dozen or so campaigns, Jack Royale and his more than adequately named Hotshot Playboys are your one way ticket to Rhythm and Blues central.

The band features "Jack Royale" aka Nick Sheppard (guitar, vocals), "Rusty McMahon" aka Pete Stone (piano, vocals), "Big Mickey London" aka John Short (guitar), "The Evil Petless" aka Phil Morgan (bass) and Howie Johnstone (drums).

Jack and the boys will be supported by Damon Carron's Culture Vultures (9.50pm).

Entry: $20.00 (General Admission) / $10.00 (Members)