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Members Log-in
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The Perth Blues Club is launching two new online services over the next couple of months.

First of all, we'll be offering advanced ticket sales via Moshtix. Initially, this will be for non-members to buy General Admission Tickets, but we will also be introducing a service for Members' Tickets soon afterwards. Tickets will be available via links from our main website ( and our facebook site (, as well as directly through Moshtix.

This will mean that we can reach a wider audience of prospective patrons by taking advantage of Moshtix's targeted email lists. 

The second of these new services will be the introduction of an online Membership Management system. This will allow people to join the club by filling in an online form and paying through PayPal - the leading secure payment system. In addition, existing members will be able to log-in to the club's website and keep their membership information up to date. We will be adding some new member benefits, the first of which will be a free double pass sent to you on your birthday and members will receive email reminders when renewals are due and will be able to pay their renewal immediately or at any time 24/7.

When this service is launched, members will receive an email with temporary log-in details. Once logged in, they will be required to change their password and add some additional data that will enable us to provide a wider range of services in the future.

These new services are part of our plan to improve the way in which we do business with and build a stronger relationship with our members.

There will be more information available soon.