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Steve Tallis started playing music in 1962. Music is his calling. From birth he was surrounded by the music of his Macedonian ancestors and the ethnic music of Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Listening to live music at picnics and dances as a small child opened his mind and spirit to trance-like rhythms, improvisation and chanting. Steve started listening to the sounds of the radio Bob Dylan, Them, Animals, Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann, Jimi Hendrix, Yardbirds, Kinks, Loved Ones, Spectrum etc. He searched back further to the roots of the music he loved - and then back to the source - Africa.

Steve is an Australian Griot, a Blues Shaman. He has lived and performed in the USA, Europe, Mexico and Asia - supporting some of the biggest names in music. Influences include Leadbelly, John Coltrane, Tim Buckley, Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra, Tony Williams Lifetime, Van Morrison, Howling Wolf, Tom Waits, Jack Bruce and Bob Dylan. African, Indian, Haitian and Islamic music have all had a spiritual and rhythmic influence on his own work. His love of blues, gospel and á cappella field hollers shows both in his live shows and recordings.

Three lifelong ambitions came true when he toured India in 1997, Pakistan in 2003 and West Africa (Ghana) in 2005. Explorations into Vodou, Tantra, Buddhism, Sufism, The Bible, Hinduism, Taoism and Native American Indians have affected him deeply.

Awards include Songwriter Of The Year, Most Original Work, and Album Of The Year. Steve was also inducted into Western Australia Music Industry's Hall of Fame and is featured in the books - Who's Who of Australian Rock and Blues, Working Musicians and Further Down the Road. His Eight CD Box Set - Anthology Volume One: The Sacred Path of The Fried Egg Maylands To The Gates of Hell (1962-2001) is a piece of Australian music history. The first time in Australian music history that an independent solo artist has released a box set. Steve was also awarded an Arts WA Contemporary Music Fellowship in 2003 to study, compose and tour with master musicians in Africa, India and Greece.

Steve Tallis is unique, fiercely independent and is not a man to be compromised.

Also performing are: Bret Mosley (7.30pm) and The Warm Ups (9.45pm).

ENTRY: $20.00 (General Admission) | $10.00 (Members)

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Every year, the Perth Blues Club pays tribute to the musicians and members who have passed on since the club was first formed.

This year we have lost four of our number: Gary Cox, Paul Gioia, Norma Kelly and Ron Parker.

Other past musicians and members we will be remembering are:

Tom Aamot ~ Sharea Bailey ~ Sean Blee ~ Charlie Brown ~ Daryl Chance ~ Glen ”Camsy” Cleaver ~ Raybelle Cook ~ Wayne Cressall ~ Tyson Feifar ~ Paul Felton ~ Rick Francas ~ Michelle Fox ~ Stan Gregory ~ Ken Hoskins ~ John “Hoss” Hossen ~ Martin Jenner ~ Libby Karaka ~ Judy Kash ~ Paul Kelly ~ Peter Loong ~ Debbee McDavitt ~ Matt O’Connor ~ Robert Patient Jnr ~ Baden Powell ~ “Raymondo” ~ Dave Rose ~ Syd Smith ~ “Smithy” ~ “Taipan” ~ John Villani ~ Mark Vine ~ Roscoe Wilson ~ Claire-Elise Manchesi-MacEnnan ~ Irene “Beth” McEwan ~ Sharon “Shaz” Campbell ~ John Bertina ~ Belinda Bawden ~ Gary Stoyles ~ Neil Smith ~ Graham Staples ~ Tony Bell ~ Jon Pitulej

Performing on the night are:

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The Swamp Stompers play funky rock and blues with heavy grooves. Emerging from the dirty backwaters of Lismore (NSW), the band sounds like the musical lovechild of John Butler Trio, Led Zeppelin, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Searing slide guitar, contrasting dual-lead vocals, catchy guitar riffs and dubstep inspired didgeridoo soundscapes give this original blues-rock band an irresistible flavour combination that will leave you with an insatiable hunger for more.

Having met at Southern Cross University in Lismore back in mid-2012, founding members Corey Legge (guitar/lead vocals) and Mitch Broadhead (drums/backing vocals) set about building a monster. Initially the creature only required one very sturdy leg and a broad head, but it was soon decided that this swamp-creation was missing one vital feature. The lightning bolt of inspiration came early in the piece when bassist, vocalist and circular-breathing extraordinaire Luke Ligtenberg slithered into view, adding the final element to bring the three-pronged colossal to life.

Since this fateful merging of musical minds, The Swamp Stompers have set about earning themselves a significant reputation as one of the most promising up-and-coming acts to emerge in recent years. The powerhouse trio, which as of 2018 features Oliver Morley-Sattler behind the kit, has stomped their mark on prominent Australian festivals such as Caloundra Music Festival (QLD), Blues at Bridgetown (WA), and the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival (NSW), with rave reviews from punters and peers alike.

‘‘Catchy grooves, intelligent songs and youthful hunger – this band has the right mix of potions to take Australian blues and roots to the next level. One of my absolute favourites.’’
Lloyd Spiegel (Australian Blues Legend)

“We highly recommend you check these guys out as we firmly believe that these guys will be Torch Bearers of roots music in the 21st century.”
Neil Mumme (Festival Co-Ordinator, Great Southern Blues Festival Narooma)

The band is renowned for their incredibly high-energy live shows, with punters left in complete awe by the raw power and finesse displayed by this seemingly unstoppable guitar riff-driven beast. The Swamp Stompers have a ravenous hunger for touring and have been known to smash out a feeding-frenzy of over sixty shows per year, all the while still finding time to create new musical morsels of magic to unleash on the world.

The band’s previous single ‘Wicked West’ received Triple J airplay, peaked at #3 on the AMRAP rural charts, and earnt The Swamp Stompers a place in the finals of the 2016 MusicOz awards ‘Blues/Roots’ category. The Swamp Stompers 3rd EP ‘Suspended Suns’ was released in November 2016, with an enormous 30+ date Australian tour undertaken in conjunction with the release of the 1st single ‘All My Loving’ featuring Holly Tapp (‘The Voice’ finalist 2014).

Corey Legge (lead guitarist and lead vocalist of The Swamp Stompers) is proudly endorsed by Cole Clark guitars (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)
The Swamp Stompers are proudly endorsed by Hippie Sticks Tie-Dye (Bodalla, NSW, Australia)

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Now living in Singapore, Danny Loong brings his band Singapore Sling to Perth. With him will be Alex Hooi, a sixteen-year-old guitar wiz, also from Singapore, who recently came third in a international guitar challenge in London.

Danny is probably best known for the Universal Blues Band, which also featured well-loved and well-respected local guitarist Trevor Jalla.

Singapore Sling will perform two sets and will be supported by Jus' Jump (7.30pm).

Entry: $20.00 (General Admission) | $10.00 (Members)

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Datura4 is about to head off on a tour of Europe taking on Italy, France and Spain in a three-week boogie-blitz of festivals, seedy bars and cool clubs on their Blessed is the Boogie tour.

They will be performing a farewell gig at the Perth Blues Club on 24 September.

Combining equal parts vintage psychedelia, no-quarter boogie, rock-infused blues and classic hard rock, and running them all though a big bank of amps, Datura4 is a rock band living in the present while showing a true appreciation for the sounds of the past.

Blessed is the Boogie was released worldwide in April, marking an exciting new evolution for the critically acclaimed band. The record builds on Datura4’s ‘guitars to infinity’ approach of Hairy Mountain (2016) and the hard-rocking, progressive debut Demon Blues (2015) and takes the band a few swaggering steps further into psych-blues territory.

Upping the legend quotient on Blessed is the Boogie is long-time friend and Australian music stalwart Bob Patient (Fatty Lumpkin) on keys. Multi-instrumentalist, singer and freakishly brilliant guitarist Joe Grech joined a few months ago and it’s like he and Mariani were born to play together.Front man and creative force of the band, Dom Mariani continues his successful collaboration with bass player Stu Loasby (The Majestic Kelp) and drummer Warren “Wazza” Hall, the original drummer for The Drones.

Dom recounts that his earliest connection to the blues came via artists like the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, CCR, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Cream and early Led Zeppelin. All these bands had a connection to the blues which led him to Muddy Waters, BB King, Freddy King, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Howlin’ Wolf and many others.

Datura4 will be supported by Rebecca Moore (7.30pm) and Trouble Kin (9.45pm)

Entry: $20.00 (General Admission) | $10.00 (Members)