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The Zydecats are the funniest band this side of Louisiana. Known to play up to 25 instruments in one show, the Zydecats will have you shaking your arse to their root-flavoured music all night long!

Escaping from the smoking wreck of the widely and critically acclaimed Dude Ranch, Lucky Oceans (world renowned steel guitarist, and by now button accordionist) approached Bill Rogers (vocals, sax and harmonica) about starting a band to play some Zydeco. With ex-Dude Ranch guitarist/vocalist & Rock and Roll encyclopedia Kent Hughes involved, this trio began to rehearse while they searched for both repertoire and rhythm section.

From the start, the idea was to combine Zydeco with 'Cat' music - swing, jump blues and rockabilly, plus any other style that suited the line-up, including rock and roll, country blues, soul, R&B, Cajun and New Orleans R&B, plus a handful of Lucky's and Kent's own songs from the Dude Ranch song book.

Gary France (ex-Dude Ranch) was onboard during the formative stages and first few gigs but was soon replaced by the recent graduate of the Edith Cowan University jazz course, Evan Jenkins. Evan and fellow graduate, Paul Binns were the Zydecats' rhythm section for the first year, but were eventually replaced.

The drummer's stool was soon taken over by lovable giant, Konrad Park - a powerhouse funkster, whose enthusiasm for the band made a huge difference. Six months later, Paul was replaced by Ben Franz, who despite his age (early 20's) already had knowledge and experience of most of the styles encompassed in the Zydecats' repertoire; particularly blues, R&B, rockabilly and rock and roll.

By the end of the first year, the band had a healthy batch of good songs written by the three singers (Lucky, Kent and Bill), an ever-increasing repertoire in the various styles previously mentioned, and with a young and committed rhythm section willing to push the boundaries - with all members involved in arrangements.

The Zydecats will play 2 sets from 8.45pm. Opening the evening are The Grain with Special Guest Richie Pavledis (7.30pm).

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At long last, we've been able to secure one of the hottest shows in Australia - Natalie Gillespie and band.

Natalie Gillespie's powerful songs take you on a journey many miles deep. Having toured her second album Courage to Love with well loved blues guitarist Dave Brewer at various venues including The Ellington, she will grace the stage of the Perth Blues Club on Tuesday 6 March with Dave, Ric Eastman (drums) and Roy Martinez (bass).

Natalie is a passionate storyteller and a dynamic performer with a universal message of struggle, hope and joy.

Natalie and the band will be performing two sets from 8.45pm and support will be Coffee Cats (7.30pm)

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KNiKi & Mike Beale Project's stage presence has an instantly identifiable and energetic delivery. Renowned Australia-wide not just for stellar musical performances and captivating stage presence, but also for their ability to deliver a genuinely good time.

Mike's vocals and guitar playing take you on a journey of his influence from Led Zeppelin to Robben Ford and Eric Clapton. When he picks up the electic guitar, hold onto your glasses as he will shake them clear off the table!

KNiKi delivers powerhouse vocals ranging from soft sweet clours to tearing the house down. She is different, mesmerising, captivating and entertaining. 

KNiKi and Mike Beale Project will be supported by Duos Amigos (7.30pm) and Jook Joint Band (10pm)

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In the 1970s, John Meyer was on ‘the most wanted list' of rock guitarists, finding fame with nationally successful bands Swanee, Sharon O'Neill, Rose Tattoo, Chain and Perth bands Bakery and Fatty Lumpkin.

Today Meyer can still kick any young butt from here to hip hop with his enthusiasm and passion to master the guitar's seemingly endless scope. Simply, John Meyer is an Oz Rock Icon!

John Meyer's Blues Express performs at 8.45pm. Supports are The WarmUps (7.30pm) and Two Dog Night (10pm).

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Kerry B. Ryan’s Blues Experience are Kerry B Ryan (Guitar/Vocals), Ian Ironside (Drums), Paul O'Neil (Bass/Vocals), Jim Frazer (Keyboard) and special guest Vocals Carrie Lee.

Playing selected songs from BB King, Freddie King, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix and others, all the songs you know and maybe some you don’t but all worth a listen. And for those who like to spend time on the dance floor, lots of dance-able beats.

The band will play 2 sets and is supported by Mary Myfanwy (7.30pm)