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With Silva Dee singer/songwriter/guitarist/frontman and founder of the Grasshoppers they have been graciously operating for the last 10 years doing originals and covers along the coast of Western Australia. The band has been very successful
with the sales of the first two albums “I Guess I’m Lucky” and “I’m Taking You Home Tonight” and are presently in studio mode recording the third album.

Fremantle’s hottest original/cover band with four albums out and more to roll out soon, the new album "Hang'in in There" has pre-sold copies before the launch, but you can pick up a copy from PBC shop on the night.

Grasshoppers are supported by local duo Kings & Queens (7.30pm) and Lez Karski and the Nervous Investors (9.45pm).

ENTRY: $20.00 (General Admission) | $10.00 (Members)

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Western Australia Day is held on the first Monday in June each year and is a holiday for all people who live and work in Western Australia. Our experience has been that because many people go away for the long-weekend, low attendance at the PBC on Tuesdays following long-weekends make it uneconomical to open.

We will be back the following Tuesday 11 June. 


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We have by law to make some changes to our Rules of Association (constitution). These changes are required by Commerce WA, part of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

To do this we need to call a Special General Meeting on the 18th June at 7.30 pm. The meeting should only take about 15 minutes, then we will have our normal Tuesday night show.

There are only two changes to be made to the Rules of Association, but we need to obtain our members' approval.

We urge members to attend the meeting as we need a quorum to proceed with the changes and to meet our legal obligations.

Following the meeting we have two bands: Jack Royal & the Hot Shot Playboys (8.00pm) and Richard Roberts & Friends (9.30pm).

ENTRY: $20.00 (General Admission) | $10.00 (Members)

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Swamp Dogs is Resonator+2. 

Resonator is one of Perth's most entertaining cover bands, a three‐piece outfit - Geoff (Guitar), Ric (Drums) and Mal (Bass) - with a big, fat and fulfilling sound.

The band plays pub rock and boogie classics from a wide range of styles, including electric rock, lowdown blues, acoustic country and funky grooves. Add Simon Cox on Keyboards and Lauralee Faith on vocals and you’re in for a great set
of music that will get you heading to the dance floor.

Swamp Dogs is supported by Gabriele Campani (7.30pm) and The Suburban Reptiles (9.45pm).

ENTRY: $20.00 (General Admission) | $10.00 (Members) 

The Vibrolators featuring Miss Peta Lee
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Those Wild West Coast Hipsters of the Blues, The Vibrolators are back with special appearance by the wonderful Miss Peta Lee. 

Featuring all four original members plus Miss Peta Lee, the band’s new self-titled CD showcases some of their latest original tunes. Miss Peta Lee is WA's premier exponent of the raw Rhythm and Blues vocal styles pioneered by many female singers in the 1940s and '50s .

If seriously swinging grooves and a sultry, sassy RnB vocal floats your boat, well you are on the right track with The Vibrolators featuring Miss Peta Lee.

Supporting the band are Two Trains (7.30pm) and Dr Charlie & the Blue Healers (9.45pm).

ENTRY: $20.00 (General Admission) | $10.00 (Members)