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BB&Co are a high quality, entertaining, blues/soul/rock’n’roll‐based bunch, playing a great mix of covers and original music. This mix can be witnessed on the band's new “Let It Shine” CD; a testament to their collective experience and ability. Come down to the PBC tonight to see them perform not only all the songs from their CD, but also a few other tunes from their increasing portfolio
of originals. You won’t regret it!

Band members are: Michael Arkins (All Drums/Percussion), Jim Awram (6-string Std Electric & Fretless Basses/Backing Vocals), Bill Blissett (All Keyboards, some Harmonica, Lead/Backing Vocal - Bill is also the "BB" in BB & Co.), Paul Fitton (Lead, Rhythm, Slide & Acoustic Guitars, Lead/Backing Vocals), and Ivan Kellehear (Lead, Rhythm, Slide & Acoustic Guitars, Lead/Backing Vocals).

BB&Co are supported by Matt Cal & Chris Parkinson (7.30pm) and King Fez & the Rough House Imperials (10.00pm).

Entry: $15.00 / $10.00 (members)

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The Committee has decided that the Club will not open on Tuesday 5 June because it follows the long weekend and Monday holiday.

Experience has shown that when this occurs, attendance is very low and in these difficult times it would not be financially viable to open.

However, we'll be back on Tuesday 12 June with a massive show featuring Matt Cal & Chris Parkinson, BB&Co, and King Fez & the Rough House Imperials.

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With more bottom end than you can poke a mic stand at, the Electrik Co is a trio of renowned lapslide player and front man Andrew Winton, with the legendary Perth rhythm section power house Eddie Parise (bass) and Frank Celenza (drums). A combination of deep fried, southern blues and rock, these guys have experience to boot with their driving electrified blues.

Supporting Electrik Co are The Chills (7.30pm) and One The Level (10pm)

Entry: $15.00 / $10.00 (members)

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Local guitar legend Lindsey Wells celebrated 50 years as a professional musician in March this year. Joining him tonight we have, on guitar and vocals Bob Geaves on bass and Ric Whittle on drums to make Awesome Wells.

Much has been made of the new breed of Perth rock musicians who are putting our city on the world's musical map, but Lindsay Wells has been doing it for 50 years. To find out if that accolade is true, you have to experience the awesomeness of Wells up close and personal.

Wells is a musician whose career has extended to most of his life beginning at the age of 11 with the East Vic Park School Brass Band as a multi‐instrumentalist majoring on trombone. As rock’n’roll became a magnetic driving force in the ‘60s, Wells decided to become a guitarist and quickly developed into one of Australia’s greats, featuring as a member and leader of some of the most entertaining and legendary bands in our music scene. He has since played as a guest with many of the world’s great bands including Eric Clapton with whom he played a two hour concert.

Awesome Wells will be supported by Night Herons (7.30pm) and Craig James & the DB Brothers (10.00pm).

Entry: $15.00 / $10.00 (members)

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Apollo's Attic makes its debut at Perth Blues Club on Tuesday 22 May.

Blues infused rock n’ roll with an optimistically dark core, Apollo’s Attic brings an energetic catalogue of original songs born from a diverse and eclectic mix of influences.

True blue Aussie, Luke Crabb (percussion) grew up in Esperance and, with a gospel influence, brings a heavy funk drive to the music. Thomas Grober (bass) is originally from Germany where he found musical inspiration in the local acid jazz, rhythm & blues and funk scenes. Matt Hennessy (lead guitar) provides a raw blues sound with searing guitar lines influenced by Clapton, SRV andhis fellow countryman, Rory Gallagher. English-born, Paul Wesson (vocals & guitar) adds a little darkness to the sound citing influences such as Peter Green, David Bowie and Australia’s own Nick Cave.

The glamour is delivered by Perth-born and bred Christine Ang (Saxaphone). Christine is classically trained and has been playing sax since the age of 10. This collaboration with Apollo’s Attic is a considerable move away from her WA Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Big Band history and has put Apollo’s Attic on the musical map.

Joining Apollo's Attic are Bret Mosley (7.30pm) and The Grasshoppers (10.00pm)

Entry: $15.00 / $10.00 (members)

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