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Steve started playing music in 1962. Music is his calling. From birth he was surrounded by the music of his Macedonian ancestors and the ethnic music of Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Listening to live music at picnics and dances as a small child opened his mind and spirit to trance-like rhythms, improvisation and chanting. He started listening to the sounds on the radio Bob Dylan, Them, Animals, Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann, Jimi Hendrix, Yardbirds, Kinks, Loved Ones, Spectrum, etc. He searched back further to the roots of the music he loved - and then back to the source - Africa.

Steve is an Australian Griot (storyteller), a Blues Shaman. He has lived and performed in the USA, Europe, Mexico and Asia - supporting some of the biggest names in music: eg Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, BB King, Mick Jagger, Joe Cocker, Eric Burdon and the Animals (see website for full listing). Influences include Leadbelly, John Coltrane, Tim Buckley, Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra, Tony Williams Lifetime, Van Morrison, Howling Wolf, Tom Waits, Jack Bruce, Kip Hanrahan and Bob Dylan.

African, Indian, Haitian and Islamic music have all had a spiritual and rhythmic influence on his own work. His love of blues, gospel and a cappella field hollers shows both in his live shows and recordings. 

Steve Tallis is unique, fiercely-independent and is not a man to compromise. He is currently working on a new album (following his last critically acclaimed album The First Degree) to be released soon.

The Snakes of Desire for this show are Phil Bradley (Guitar), Pete Lisiewich (Bass) and Howie Johnstone (Drums).

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Longevity is something that has to be worked on,and there are no guarantees!

The Perth Blues Club has just completed its twenty-sixth year as an incorporated, not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisation. Apart from some grants from Lottery West, for which we are very thankful, and the continued support from Chris Angelkov and the Charles Hotel, we have survived and gone the distance, because of the genuine dedication of our committee and the loyal support of our membership.

Everybody knows Western Australia’s boom and bust cycle and the last couple of years have been rough on the Perth Blues Club too, but we have survived and I feel the committee all has a strong sense of optimism for the future. Indeed, 2018 introduced us to some wonderful new talent, and my longtime Vampire Motto of “new blood“ has been satisfied. In fact, the Blues scene has a growth spurt on, which is literally forcing us to expand. We have such a healthy supply of quality new and experienced acts that Tuesday nights alone, are not enough.

You may have noticed we have been having some Sunday Sessions and I expect that to increase in 2019. The Rosemount Hotel is entering the Blues scene and we will be working with them during the upcoming year, starting on Saturday 26 January with the North Perth Blues Festival, featuring Dave Hole, Blue Shaddy, Blues Busters, Bob Log (USA), Bone Kickers and more.

I expect to be taking our brand of Blues to Fremantle as well as getting involved in some regional touring.

If you are not a member, may I suggest this is maybe a good time to join, as the future is in our hands and I feel a big year coming on. 

In an organisation like this, it is unfair to single out anyone in particular for special mention because everyone contributes to “keep the show on the road”. However, the amazing work by Gill Field with his 25 year Blues Club magazine and Alan S. Pyrah's coffee-table photo-book are outstanding achievements.

Thank-you to y’all who have helped us through a steady year.

Rick Steele - President


“Everybody wants to know,why I sing the blues”. - BB.King.

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The Perth Blues Club's Christmas Party is one of the major events of the year and a fitting way to celebrate a year of amazing music by incredible musicians. This year, it will be held on Tuesday 18 December and will feature internationally acclaimed artist Ezra Lee along with local bands Resonator and Bob Patient "Playing with my Friends". 

Ezra Lee Matzenik was born on 15 October 1986 in Tamworth NSW. His father, Ed Matzenik (born 28 December 1944), helped run Enrec Studio in the rural city with Steve Newton. Ed is also a country blues musician and has played bass guitar in Johnny Green's Blues Cowboys, alongside Pete "Flash" Sheedy (Lee's uncle), on lap steel guitar. Lee started playing piano at the age of four, learning the Floyd Cramer tune, "Last Date", from his father. He also used his father's record collection to teach himself boogie woogie and barrelhouse piano styles and later obtained blues lessons from Dr John and Johnny 'B. Goode' Johnson when they toured Australia. Lee developed his piano style within these genres.

The PBC is delighted to have secured Ezra Lee for the Christmas Show as part of his Australian/European Tour 2018-19. Be early to secure a seat and be ready to party through 'till very late.

Ezra Lee will be supported by local bands Resonator (7.30pm) and Bob Patient "Playing with my friends" (click Read More for whose performing).

Doors Open: 7.00pm

Entry: $25.00 / $15.00 (members)

Please Note: The Club will be closed on Christmas Day 2018 and New Year's Day 2019.

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Back in about 1982, one of the first of what we now call ‘Open Mic‘ nights was created. It was called ‘Garage Band night’ and was created and presented by Rick Steele. It ran for just over five years at the Civic Hotel in Beaufort St. until an upwardly mobile young fellah rang Rick Steele and told him, he had registered the name and to cease using it.

The Show moved to the Indy Bar in Scarborough and was re-branded as, ’Beat the Blues Show’.

Five years later, with a lot of middies under the bridge, meetings, and performances, the Perth Blues Club became an Incorporated, not-for-profit,organisation on December 9, 1992. The club, run entirely by volunteers, was and still is based at the Charles Hotel.

Over the 26 years of operation, every Tuesday evening, many a memorable night has been witnessed and performed. Nationally and Internationally, its reputation is as the best run and most enjoyable blues club in the nation.
International names such as Charlie Muslewhite and Johnny Johnson are just a couple of the many great acts that have featured at the Town of Vincent landmark.

To mark this notable and auspicious occasion we will be celebrating in the Beer Garden and part of the Carpark at the Charles Hotel. Second-hand stalls, car boot sales, umbrella stalls, a Perth Blues Club Merchandise Marquee, buskers, an outside stage, and Birthday frivolity will be evident. Indeed, we hope you will also find that elusive Christmas present for the person who has everything!

Stalls - with all their goodies for sale - will be open from 12 noon for those with a keen eye for a bargain. Very limited spots are available at a small fee, so please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. right away if you wish to secure a stall.

Our special guest performer will be Italian guitar virtuoso Gabriele Campani, who recently relocated to Perth, along with twenty or more of our local entertainers, including Club President Rick Steele. We will be providing almost non-stop entertainment from 2pm until 6pm.

The whole affair will be family friendly and we encourage you to bring Nono, Nanna, Grandpop and the kids - as long as they are house-trained. Baby Boomers are also welcome and. of course, the bar will be open and food will be readily available.

Come along for an afternoon of fun, food and some of the best music around @ the Perth Blues Club's 26th Birthday Party. 

Entry: Gold Coin Donation



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 Lez Karski and the Nervous Investors first came together at the Esperance Yacht Club for a New Year's Eve gig in 2000.

Lez had worked with drummer Ace Follington since the early eighties in Sydney, as session players for Flash & The Pan and Cheetah, and with The Hippos and Bondi Cigars. Ace brought along bassist Roy Daniel and the band was formed and played with no rehearsal for that New Year’s Eve gig.

Since that night, they've toured Australia both as an independent rock/blues trio and as a backing band for visiting overseas act. They have now added Bob Patient on keyboards to the line up, so they just keep getting better.

Supporting Nervous Investors are Paul Daly & the Heavy Hitters.

Entry: $20.00 / $10.00 (members)