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We've had a lot of request for these guys so here they are.

Perth cover band Men and Their Sheds provide entertainment that's suitable for an extremely broad audience spanning from the kids of today to the over thirties and beyond.

The band present a show which is of the highest level both musically and visually. Featuring a song list which encompasses classics from The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Hoodoo Gurus, Van Morrison, Green Day, U2, and Matchbox for just about any setting and demographic.

Supporting Men and Their Sheds are Two Trains (7.30pm) and Empire Blues (10.00pm).

Entry: $20.00 / $10.00 (members)

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The Perth Blues Club is pleased to announce the release of a full-colour, 68-page magazine on the history of the Club.

Produced with assistance from Lottery West, this magazine is the second publication looking at the first 25 years of the life of the Perth Blues Club.

Printed on high-quality paper, it is the story behind the varied perspectives of why this Club is so successful. There are more than 20 articles including additional photo spreads from the official club photographer Allen S Pryah that make this magazine a great companion to Allen’s recently released photo book Perth Blues Club: The First 25 Years. The magazine is the story in words, illustrations, and pictures both historic and contemporary.

The individual stories have been developed from interviews with committee members, musicians, and staff at the Club - Rick Steele, Warren Humphrys, Bob Patient, Sue Bluck, Cathy Earl, Derek Cromb, Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges, Jack Hoffmann, Paul Daniels, Dave Billing, John Chopping, The Teskey Brothers Band and more.

These varied perspectives will enrich your experience of the Club and help you to understand why so many musicians and patrons value it so highly. It will also provide fond memories for those long-term members among us.

At $20 a copy (plus p&p) it is the perfect memento of your experiences at the Perth Blues Club and will give you hours of pleasure as you learn more about its history.

PBC25 Magazine Spreads


Magazine + P&P


Check out the "Flip Book" here

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The Perth Blues Club is delighted to announce that a coffee table style book has been produced to celebrate the first 25 years of the club in stunning, high quality photographs. This limited edition book is a collaboration between the Perth Blues Club and our official photographer Allen S Pyrah of asp-photography. 

While Allen has been taking photographs since 2008, this book also has images of many musicians who have performed at the PBC during its first 25 years. As well as photos of the musicians, you'll also find photos of some of the club's 'characters' and the volunteers who help it to run smoothly, capturing the atmosphere and vibe that is The Perth Blues Club.   

The Perth Blues Club, or the PBC as it is fondly known by some, had its fledgling beginnings in the early nineties when Rick Steele, with some musician mates, saw an opportunity for a venue for live blues-orientated music at The Charles Hotel in North Perth. After finding its feet in the front bar with an open mic approach, the club evolved quickly, moving to the back bar, becoming an incorporated not-for-profit organisation in 1992. 

Here's what Club President Rick Steele has to say about this outstanding photographic record of the club's first 25 years:

I am extremely grateful to endorse this wonderful publication. Allen S Pyrah has captured  the inside running of our humble club and captured the true essence of our existence in an international professional standing. We may be from the most isolated capital in the world, but these photos show that beating blues hearts can cross oceans. 


Product Information

  • Title: Perth Blues Club: The First 25 Years 
  • Pages: 120 of high quality gloss photographic stock
  • Size: 260mm (H) x 330mm (W) with Hard Cover
  • Photography: Allen S Pyrah (asp-photography)
  • Price: $96.00 ($50.00 deposit secures your copy at the Club shop)
  • Published by: The Perth Blues Club (WA) Inc.

Book plus P&P


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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tuesday's Great 88 Show has some changes.

Bill Blissett and Peter Stone are both ill and are unable to perform. 

However, the show must go on so Bob Patient will perform an extended set of Fats Domino numbers and then the house band with special last-minute guests will cover some numbers from the music catalogues of Jerry Lee Lewis and Ray Charles.

We apologise for the lateness of this information, but we only had confirmation late Monday.

Bob and the Band are determined to put on a put on a great show so come on down and have a good time.

Again, we're sorry for the lateness of this information.

Please pass the information on to family and friends.

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There's now another good reason for joining the Perth Blues Club.

As from 7th August, entry to the club will now be $20.00 on regular nights, but PBC Members will remain at $10.00.

The decision to raise the entry has not been taken lightly and reflects the current financial situation. However, the committee sought to give a greater benefit to members by freezing their standard entry fee.