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As part of the upcoming show "461 Ocean Boulevard: A Tribute to the Music of Eric Clapton", The Gary Cox Band is encouraging you to vote for your favourite Clapton song from a list of possibles, and when the votes are in, they'll play the most popular in the second set.

This is your chance to take part in the planning of the show.

Just choose your favourite from the list below.

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The Perth Blues Club (WA) Inc. 

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Well it was only a matter of time ... . "The Gary Cox Band Performs Eric Clapton's 461 Ocean Boulevard" show has been selling out across Perth and now it's back at the Perth Blues Club on Tuesday 19 June.

This time, the line-up is a little different, with Simon Cox on keyboards and local female vocalist Mishy Athif providing additional vocals plus Mal Skinner on bass and Mike Haggerty Jr on drums.

Trevor Jalla will open with an acoustic set of some of his favourite Clapton songs and then the band will perform two sets, the first being the 461 Ocean Boulevard album in its entirety.

For the final set, the band will welcome back Trevor Jalla, with additional guests Rick Steele, Geoff Eastman and Matty T Wall. They will perform some of the hits from Clapton's amazing back-catalogue and YOU can have a say in what they play.

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Here's a chance for you to WIN 2 FREE Tickets to the upcoming Eric Clapton Tribute featuring The Gary Cox Band with Special Guests Trevor Jalla and Mishy Athif, Live @ The PBC on Tuesday 19 June.

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BB&Co are a high quality, entertaining, blues/soul/rock’n’roll‐based bunch, playing a great mix of covers and original music. This mix can be witnessed on the band's new “Let It Shine” CD; a testament to their collective experience and ability. Come down to the PBC tonight to see them perform not only all the songs from their CD, but also a few other tunes from their increasing portfolio
of originals. You won’t regret it!

Band members are: Michael Arkins (All Drums/Percussion), Jim Awram (6-string Std Electric & Fretless Basses/Backing Vocals), Bill Blissett (All Keyboards, some Harmonica, Lead/Backing Vocal - Bill is also the "BB" in BB & Co.), Paul Fitton (Lead, Rhythm, Slide & Acoustic Guitars, Lead/Backing Vocals), and Ivan Kellehear (Lead, Rhythm, Slide & Acoustic Guitars, Lead/Backing Vocals).

BB&Co are supported by Matt Cal & Chris Parkinson (7.30pm) and King Fez & the Rough House Imperials (10.00pm).

Entry: $15.00 / $10.00 (members)